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Data Entry


Take data entry to the next level with PioneerRx’s pharmacy system. PioneerRx allows pharmacies to scan prescription hardcopies to store digital copies in the…

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Accurate, Complete Data Entry Is Key to Medication Safety

Pharmacy Times

Carefully checking every piece of information and proofreading for accuracy is crucial to ensure patient safety


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Transforming CMC Dossier Creation


Through the adoption of a data driven and automated CMC Dossier generation process, pharmaceutical companies can reduce time-to-market while delivering significant cost savings to the organization.

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Veeva MedTech Clinical Trials Report Signals Significant Opportunity to Improve Data Delivery and Quality


According to the 2023 Veeva MedTech Clinical Benchmark Report , on-time data entry and data quality are the top challenges for medtech when working with clinical research sites. 2023 — Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) today released its first-ever report examining global trends in medtech clinical trials. read more

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Stress not a significant factor in migraine attacks, study finds


Individualised digital data capture and analytics were enabled by Curelator’s digital technology that combines a simple smartphone data entry process with personalised analytics. After 90 days of data entry, the app creates a trigger, protector and “no association” map for each use within a personalised report.

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Lambda and Medidata team up to automate clinical trial data

Pharmaceutical Technology

Combining Rave Imaging with EDC enables the collection of critical data to help manage clinical trials for a unified data platform that saves time, resources and costs. Rave RTSM, which has been developed on Rave EDC, eliminates double data entry and requires reduced reconciliation that speeds up study start-up and close-out.

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VIATRIS (Mylan & Up-John Pfizer) -Openings for Regulatory Affairs Department -Apply Now

Pharma Pathway

Note – Candidates with injectables -RnD or complex analytical characterization experience and willing to transition to RA are also welcome (NOT for routine analytical or validation folks) Kindly send your CV to with the following nomenclature else your profile will not be shortlisted 1.